Toothpaste "Elmeks": reviews, composition

Beautiful and white teeth - the card of any successful person. This is repeated several times in television advertising. Of course, there is a grain of truth here, as unkempt teeth with an unattractive patina and other visual defects can disgust even the richest and most charming person. That's just to achieve aesthetic beauty - this is only half the problem. The main task is to make the teeth healthy. And the Elmex toothpaste will help you in this. What is she like? What effect can achieve? And how effective is it?

elmex toothpaste

Briefly about the main thing: general information about the manufacturer

Elmex is a recognized trademark developed by the famous Swiss concern GABA Production GmbH. For those who do not know, this manufacturer has been working in the market of hygiene products and toothpastes since the middle of 1962. He is the owner of two other trademarks: Meridol and Colgate, and also produces mouthwashes for mouth, flossa, toothbrushes and toothpastes.

Due to the high quality of products, competent marketing approach and innovative production technologies, Elmex toothpaste received the first positive reviews, and the GABA group of companies gained wide popularity among professional dentists and ordinary citizens in different countries of the world. What is this pasta? And is she as good as they say about her?

What is pasta?

Pasta packaging is a small tube of soft plastic weighing 75 ml. It does not differ too motley design and fanciful inscriptions that attract attention. On the contrary, it has a standard for pastes appearance with a predominant white color, red inserts and red-blue inscriptions. On the outside of the tube you can see the image of the tooth. On top of the pasta is covered with neat cardboard packaging.

Toothpaste "Elmex" is closed with a wide and thick lid, tightened strictly along the thread. At the opening of the tube and after squeezing out to the light a thick white paste of uniform consistency appears.

It does not contain any inclusions, has a faint and pleasant smell of mint. Thanks to its lightness and unobtrusiveness, it refreshes the oral cavity without any problems, creating, as many users say, a slight chill. In short, externally and internally, it looks quite ordinary, it smells good and does not change the shape of its tube for a long time when used.

elmex toothpaste reviews

Toothpaste "Elmeks": composition

They say that in the composition of this paste you will not find any harmful substances. But is it really? Let's take a closer look at the components of the tool. So, pasta contains the following ingredients:

  • water;
  • silicic acid (it is responsible for the careful polishing of the teeth);
  • sorbitol and glycerin (helps retain moisture);
  • thickener and stabilizer;
  • aminofluoride (used to strengthen tooth enamel);
  • flavoring;
  • fluorine;
  • cosmetic dye and others.

As you can see, Elmex toothpaste has nothing harmful in its composition, for example, it does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate (responsible for foaming), sodium laureth sulfate (creates the illusion of substance density and concentration) or the antimicrobial component chlorhexidine, which destroys the normal microflora in the oral cavity .

What does the pasta manufacturer promise?

If you believe the manufacturer, then after using the toothpaste of this brand, your teeth will be covered with an invisible and almost imperceptible film. It is she who will relieve them of excessive sensitivity to attacks of acid bacteria. She will also remineralize pronounced and hidden carious lesions.

elmex toothpaste composition

What are pastes TM "Elmeks"?

Toothpaste "Elmex" (reviews about it can be heard mostly positive) is the following categories:

  • from the Sensitive series - Elmex sensitive (intended for sensitive gums and teeth);
  • from the “Antikaryes” series - Elmex anti-caries (paste with protection against carious formations);
  • from the children's Elmex junior series.

It is noteworthy that the Sensitive pastes contain in their composition a special protective complex Pro-Argin. It is this one that makes it possible to protect the teeth from unpleasant sensations and reduces the reaction to cold, hot, sour or sweet. Also in its composition there are other protective substances that can act directly on the nerve endings and reduce the pain threshold. In addition, this paste perfectly copes with the bloom, cleans from unattractive tobacco or alcoholic coating on the teeth.

Toothpaste "Antikaries"

Separate attention deserves another toothpaste "Elmeks" - "Protection against caries" or "Antikaryes." As a rule, the above-mentioned aminofluorides are included in its composition. On the one hand, they create an invisible protective barrier and do not allow caries to develop, and on the other, they quickly penetrate the enamel, strengthen it and almost completely restore the mineralization of teeth. Moreover, it is this protective complex that fights with the so-called wall or lateral caries and reduces the sensitivity of the dentin, restoring the tooth enamel with time.

elmex toothpastes are fakes

Paste from the children's series

As for children's toothpastes, they also come in several forms. In particular, oral care products have age limitations. For example, some Elmex pastes can be used by children from birth to six years of age.

The next group of pastes is suitable for children from 6 to 12 years. According to the manufacturers, all these products do not incorporate preservatives and other harmful substances, therefore they are not terrible if swallowed. These are the Elmex toothpastes. Is there a fake of these tools, hard to say. Since in our time almost all drugs and goods of foreign manufacture can be faked. Therefore, in order to avoid misunderstandings and waste of money, it is recommended to order and buy pasta only from trusted suppliers and sellers.

elmex toothpaste protection against caries

What reviews can be heard about pasta?

Most reviews of the paste "Elmeks" positive. For example, almost all users who managed to purchase a tool like its quality and the long-lasting effect it has. So, some of them talk about a pleasant mint flavor, which is able to stay for quite a long time. Others talk about the positive effects of the paste on their teeth, talk about reducing carious deposits and reducing the fragility of the enamel surface. The third likes a little paste consumption. According to them, one tube lasts a long time.

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