What do dragonflies eat?

What do dragonflies eat?

  • Dragonfly is an active predator and also feeds on insects caught on the fly. As a rule, these are proportional to her victims - mosquitoes, midges, flies, flies. But from my childhood I remember how the dragonfly and the eater ate, locked in a jar with locusts, many times larger than a dragonfly. Dragonfly can see the victim at a distance of up to 12 meters and no matter where it is, because the dragonfly can fly back and sees everything that is happening in her vicinity of the tail! Catching the victim on the fly with their paws, and there is - landing.

  • The dragonfly babies live in water and eat all kinds of small aquatic animals. And the larvae of large dragonflies can catch even small fry.

    Adult dragonflies prefer to eat air insects, mostly flies and mosquitoes, and sometimes something bigger happens if the dragonfly can with this "beast"; for example, different butterflies, gadflies and flies.

    What do dragonflies eat?

  • Dragonfly refers to predators. Very agile and fly well. The menu of dragonflies includes other flying insects, such as midges, mosquitoes and other harmful insects. They hunt for prey during the flight. Dragonflies can be carriers of prostonymiosis, a very dangerous disease for poultry.

  • Dragonfly an insect is a predator that lives and eats alone. Included in the food chain ecosystems of our planet.

    She hunts during the day, my favorite weather - solar. During the rainy season and a strong wind, he waits in cover.

    Food for small dragonflies: mosquitoes, moths, flies, grasshoppers, butterflies, wasps, etc., and even the dragonflies themselves.

    Food of dragonflies of a large size: small fish, spiders, frogs.

    The main danger for dragonflies are many species of larger birds, fish and spiders.

    The largest dragonfly Megaloprepus caerulatus: its length is 10 cm, and the wingspan of 19 is cm.

    The speed of movement of a dragonfly in the air can reach 57 km / h.

  • Dragonfly is one of the most voracious insects on our planet. In order to support her, she eats dozens of flies, gadflies, flies, mosquitoes, butterflies and other small insects every day.

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