And 5 years in marriage, this is what kind of wedding, and what is customary to give?

And 5 years in marriage, this is what kind of wedding, and what is customary to give?

  1. 5-wood
  2. The first "solid" anniversary of the family - five years of marriage - is called a wooden wedding. A family with an experience of 5 years can be compared to a wooden house. This is already a solid structure, which, however, can be threatened by fires (family quarrels). A good sign for the couple on the 5 anniversary of the wedding is to plant a tree. It is claimed that a tree planted for 5 years of marriage will survive all the adversities and will be a memory for the descendants of descendants.

    Anniversary of the wedding in 5 years is noted thoroughly, although gifts for a wooden wedding can be the most inexpensive - wooden carvings, wooden utensils, caskets, small items of furniture, wooden ornaments.

  3. Wooden wedding 5 years
    5 years of wooden wedding. The jubilee is already solid: five years are not yet ten, but already not three. This joyful date should be marked necessarily. If all previous anniversaries were sufficiently facultative, that is, do not require special celebrations, then a wooden wedding involves a real celebration.

    It would be nice to invite friends and all guests who attended the first wedding. Gather together with the relatives of the spouse, remember all the good things that happened to you since the first wedding, share the discoveries that were made during the reporting period.

    Such a debriefing allows you to finally find out all the ambiguities and inconsistencies that have accumulated in the life of a young family. Faced with facts, the parents of your half will be forced to admit that in a criminal conspiracy with their child they hid some facts of his (child's) biography. It is not forbidden to find out on the wooden wedding and how to find out what flaws in the upbringing have led to the fact that your spouse does not know how to cook or refuses in principle to wash socks, preferring to hide them in the corners.

    Some unexpected facts may appear during the celebrations. In addition, if you are persistent enough in the search for the causes of the imperfection of a partner in marriage, you will be able to hear a lot about yourself. It is not surprising, therefore, that according to statistics the greatest number of divorces falls on the fifth year of marriage.

    It is necessary to give wooden products of a casket, candlesticks or carved salt shakers. Do not be amiss when choosing a gift to show some forethought. Considering the statistics, avoid giving heavy wooden objects of shock-crushing action, such as: canes, rolling pins, baseball bats, etc.

    Congratulations on the anniversary

    Five beautiful years the family lives
    From the love of the big grows!
    Genuine life creates,
    And the good keeps from year to year!
    Saves wisely, but calculation
    In the relationship does not count!
    Here embezzlement is not at all terrible,
    In caress you are unrestrainedly gentle!
    And let another five years pass
    Love will save you from all adversity!
    This five year anniversary
    No spouses are better and more tender!

  4. 5 marriage years is a wooden wedding

    1 year from the date of wedding cotton (gauze, cotton); 2 year in marriage a paper wedding; 3 year of leather wedding; 4 years of flax wedding; 5 years of wooden wedding; 7 years of copper (woolen) wedding; 8 years of tin wedding; 10 years of pink (tin) wedding; 11 years of steel wedding; 12 years of nickel (porcelain) wedding; 13 years of lace (woolen) wedding; 14 years of agate wedding (donated ivory or agate); 15 years of crystal (glass) wedding; 20 years of porcelain wedding; 25 years of silver wedding; 30 years of pearl wedding; 35 years of coral or jade wedding; 40 years of ruby ​​wedding; 45 years of sapphire wedding; 50 years of golden wedding; 55 years of emerald wedding; 75 years of diamond wedding.

  5. Just recently, I came across photo frames handmade (he chose a gift for his wife on the occasion of the "day of acquaintance"). I was very impressed by the bright colors, natural wood, unpretentious but tasteful.
    One problem the store trades only in bulk - it took a long time to persuade the manager.
    I inserted a photo from the last joint trip into the frame. My wife was very happy. Maybe for the anniversary of the wedding, one frame for photographs is small, but as a supplement, it seems to me suitable. Especially if it is immediately hung on the wall.
  6. What can you give to a wooden wedding?
    Try to choose gifts made from natural wood. It should be noted, the rolling pin in the number of successful acquisitions is not included. Also, a certain number of the celebrations given to the culprits, supplemented with vivid wishes, may well be postponed for the case of wooden weddings of pranksters who presented them.
    Among the more appropriate gifts, there are various types of caskets, photo frames, a set of wooden utensils, cutting boards, or even a figurine at all. In general, this choice is limited only by your own imagination. So, for example, a wooden plaque with the history of the surname becomes the original present or, if the head of the family is interested in intellectual games, Japanese chess or any other games, accessories that they need. Among the last of the listed, for example, include wooden cubes for playing poker in poker, capable of making some more variety, piquancy in the 5-year relationship.

    If nothing on your mind comes to you, you can give something else, not wooden, but necessarily supplemented with a wooden present, albeit insignificant.

  7. 5 years wooden wedding
    On this day guests give their spouses wooden utensils, spoons, caskets, small pieces of furniture. The husband himself must do some wooden work for the house to prove that he did not forget how to work with his hands. And the wife, in turn, will cover this artwork with lacquer in proof of her female pliability.
  8. Can someone come in handy. As a gift for a wooden wedding, I presented a cutting board with interesting engraving, here is an example photo. I took the link here blocked by the decision of the administration of the project
  9. Tree is accepted to give
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