Dating through the Internet? Your feedback.

Dating through the Internet? Your feedback.

  1. the most moronic satin
  2. I met through ICQ and got married
  3. I prefer in real life
  4. And my friend so married! And to you of success !!!
  5. the experience was different, but nevertheless, now a number of people who are madly in love, and met on ICQ ....
  6. I met even met) My friend in general married to a guy with whom on the site zn. met) I'm with a guy already 3 year I communicate))) He's from another city that's coming soon, something can happen))))
  7. A chicken-feed full!
  8. Reviews, to be honest, no luck. I became a loser. Be careful. Good luck.
  9. very good, but do not make a mistake in the heartbeats, it does not depend on the site. but from a man!
  10. ff, infection this internet.
    Nothing will come of it.

    I sat first under my picture.
    Then under a strange picture, there was an appetizing calf.

    All the cables !!!! Perverts are notorious.

    Go get acquainted in movies, restaurants, in the park even.
    Girls fly in the clouds, and the guys are looking for someone to put in at their leisure.

  11. I do not know what about the sites, I do not trust them, there are full of perverts. and you can get acquainted calmly and through the mail agent of the agent, and in ICQ. I with the young man just and have met and very happy!
  12. One big brothel. No comments!
  13. sex industry
  14. I met through acquaintance and I'm happy, married, when you meet just have to turn on the brain
  15. different experiences, both good and bad ... listen to yourself and your heart!
  16. ABOUT.. . On this subject I can write a book.

    Chapter One: "Russian Dating Sites"

    At the time of writing the questionnaire, it's a little difficult to figure out at first what to answer the stupid questions that are there. All right, wrote ... We are waiting, with ... A few days later the box is bursting with letters, and half of the people clearly did not read the questionnaire, and proposals like "Sex for money" "I want ...", etc. just finish off. You make adjustments ... You put in half the virtual fans, choose more or less adequate. You meet. Oh my God! Who is it? !! Tin ... And in the photo you are much prettier (you think, looking at this terrible goblin) ... And at this time he frantically breaks toothpicks. You meet with another, third, fourth .... And all with some BIG cockroach in my head. Then you realize that it's better to go to a strange guy on the street and tell him: "It seems to me that today is terrible weather. Can we have a cup of coffee?" To be continued ...

    Chapter Two "American boy, I'll leave with you .. or" Foreign Dating Sites "

    Being a student in. I'm good at communicating in French and English. I decided to train my tongue and plus to throw a fishing rod over the border of my dear homeland. Having written in the questionnaire personal data, indicated that the countries - France or Canada. Like the Russians, half of the foreigners did not read this line. And rushed .... Toshi from Japan, David from the USA, Richard from Australia, Ahmed from the Arab Emirates .... But there were also pleasant moments - I got acquainted with an interesting guy from Paris who greatly pleased me, plus great progress in terms of colloquial speech (letters, telephone conversations). I was going to come to Russia, I registered the documents. But I refused two months before the arrival, although the trip was being prepared for four months already (everything was already agreed and even booked at the recreation centers and its hotel), because my fate found me herself and now I am the happiest - loved by my side and all excellent. And there was not a single day that I regretted my refusal to the foreigner.


    From personal experience I will say that when you look for and put the problem at the forefront - I'm ALONE !! !! I WANT TO FIND YOUR GUY !! !! You will not find anyone! One disgrace is molded. And when you are interesting to yourself, and you realize that someone without you is alone, and you are a very big happiness that someone will get, everything changes for the better. And, perhaps, where you least expect it, you will find your destiny.
    Good luck!

    Other Answers

  17. Quite a normal way, given that in what century we live.
    From personal experience - a guy from the chat on the Internet became my husband))))))))
  18. Yes, I did not even do what it was so good for
  19. yes normul, if there is a brain - good luck!
  20. I met my wife in the agents and married, and we have a daughter)))) If you are looking for, ALWAYS FIND)))
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